Meet Jabez, SIBC’s vision-impaired radio DJ


Jabez Manaika in the presenter’s chair

Jabez Manaika is blind – but that doesn’t stop him doing anything.

As SIBC’s full-time receptionist, Jabez is a familiar face for anyone visiting SIBC’s office in Honiara.

But there is a another string to Jabez’s bow: he’s also a radio presenter.

Since August Jabez has been presenting the “Artist Profile” program on SIBC on Saturday mornings at 8.30am (and repeated again at 1.30pm).

With the help of senior presenters at SIBC – and Jabez’s specialised laptop, which helps him write out questions –  he interviews upcoming artists from around the Solomon Islands for the 30-minute show.

Jabez, who is also a talented singer and songwriter himself, said he came up with the idea after an Australian friend suggested he should do it.

“I love talking to people,” Jabez said. “And my friend said I had a great radio voice, so we approached Ashley Wickham (SIBC managing director) and we made it happen.

“I remember my first interview. I was really exited and nervous. But I’ve become more comfortable since then.”

So comfortable, in fact, that he has a dream to become a full time radio announcer.

“I would love that,” he said. “I love music, and meeting new people – and that’s what being a radio DJ is all about, isn’t it?”

Jabez’s program is on SIBC every Saturday at 8.30am and 1.30pm.     


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