The great fence of Honiara emerges



The pedestrian fence emerging on Mendana Avenue

It has taken a long time, but the roadworks around the central market area are almost complete.

And now a great fence of Honiara is emerging.

Drivers and pedestrians who have driven through central Honiara over the past few days would have noticed a white fence emerging in the middle of the road.

It has been created to force pedestrians – a major source of traffic congestion – to cross the road through the newly created tunnel near the Hyundai Mall and the small gateway near the Central Market.

The fence emerging

The upgrade is expected to be finished this month.

There are also new systems being introduced on Honiara’s main bridge, the Mataniko Bridge.

“There are big changes happening,” Kukum Police traffic superintendent Charles Habatia told SIBC’s Distaem Nao program this morning.

“And the changes are ongoing. There is painting on the bridge to create three lanes, that will enable two driving lanes in the morning going west, and in the afternoon it will reverse, with two lanes going east.”

Mr Habatia said he hoped the introduction of the new system would help the traffic flow better as the roadworks continued.

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