New National Referral Hospital re-location “progressing well”.


Plans for the new hospital are in the works. 

Authorities say plans to relocate the National Referral Hospital in Honiara are “progressing well”.

Health Permanent Secretary Dr Tenneth Dalipanda made the comments at a joint annual performance review held by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Honiara yesterday.

Dr Dalipanda said three plots of land had been identified and the ministry was already discussing options with the landowners.

He said they were waiting for a leader survey and flight plan to be conducted before the next steps.

“We need this to assess the topography of the sites,” Dr Dalipanda said.“This was supposed to be done around April and May.

“Once that is done the geo-tech analysis will go ahead and they will drill whatever area is identified to assess whether it is appropriate to build a hospital on.

“Then we we will be able to do a business case, estimated cost and then give that to our Government”.

Dr Dalipanda gave no time frame on how long it would take before the business case and cost was provided to the Government.

By Lowen Sei

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