‘There are more blue boats out there’: Fisheries Minister


Solomon Islands Fisheries Minister John Maneniaru.

Solomon Islands Fisheries Minister says he knows there are more Blue Boats in Solomon Island waters and has called on all stakeholders to work  together to help solve the issue.

Speaking at an event for World Tuna Day at the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency in Honiara last night, John Maneniaru said he “hated blue boats” but there was only so much he could do.

He said all authorities needed to work together to stop them.

“As you are all aware, we are dealing with the Blue Boats, we have three, and there are more in the ocean, and in our area, I know,” Mr Maneniaru said.

“And that is a challenge to all of us, so I call on all stakeholders to continue to work together, to continue to reach out to all citizens, in continuing to address this issue.”

The event, which saw about 170 people eat a variety of tuna dishes at FFA’s headquarters, was the first time World Tuna Day had been celebrated in Honiara.

Some of the crowd enjoying the tuna dishes

The crowd at the FFA’s headquarters

Mr Maneniaru also used the opportunity to highlight the importance that Fisheries – and tuna – plays in the Solomon Islands.

“Tuna has been the food brought in for people around the globe and the Solomon Islands,” he said.

“80 per cent of Solomon Islanders are rural people, and their life sustainability depends on the fisheries. And therefor it is in our interests to continue to help the fisheries, so that they will continue the feed the population of this country – and understand that the population has great responsibility in helping out the fisheries.  “

“There are challenges, there are issues, but collaboration, working together, is of paramount importance in order to help this island state gain continue to gain the benefits of the results of fisheries, as well as continuing to look after fisheries for the future, and future generations.”

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