Church symbol. Photo credit:

Church symbol. Photo credit:

Thousands of people in North Malaita have witnessed the opening and dedication of two newly built church buildings during the festive season.

The Kwaiana SSEC Church building was officially opened on 23 and Maguarafu SSEC Church building on 30 of December.

Hundreds of pigs were slaughtered for the occasions.

Mr John Andrew Kiri sends this report.

“Two new church buildings were opened or dedicated and they were the Kwaiana SSEC building opened on 23rd December 2016, attended by 5,000 people and 157 pigs were slaughtered for the opening. The Maguarafu SSEC building was also opened on 30th December 2016, attended by 3,500 and a feast carrying almost 80 pigs were slaughtered for the opening.”

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