Court mallet. Photo credit:

Court mallet. Photo credit:

A trial has begun this morning at the Magistrate Court for the man accused of burning down the Mbabanakira police post in January 2013.

The accused, Pua Misilisi, is facing one arson charge.

This morning, two witnesses appeared to recount the events of what happened.

The first witness told the Court he and Mr. Pua were part of a group of six men who walked to Mbabanakira from Komate village, in the evening of the incident.

The witness said they were led by another man called Francis Lela who was armed with a rifle.

He said they broke into the police post and stole eating utensils and solar panels from the roof of the building.

They later escaped to the airfield and were ordered again by Lela to return to the police post.

Mr. Lela then produced a container of petrol and matches and gave them to Mr. Pua.

Meanwhile, the witness said he and Mr. Pua returned to the building, and the accused went inside while he kept watch outside.

He claimed he saw a light coming out from the building’s window, after which he and Mr. Pua ran out and went back to the airfield and returned to the village with the rest of the group.

The trial continues tomorrow.

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