Tubi timber. Photo:http://mtctimbers.com/

Tubi timber. Photo:http://mtctimbers.com/

Tubi is a prohibited species under the Forest Resources and Timber Utilization (protected species) Regulations 2012.

A media statement sanctioned by the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Forests and the Attorney-General’s Chamber states, pursuant to the Protected Species Regulations, any felling and or exporting of Tubi constitute a forest offence.

It explains, when a forest offence has been committed, the Commissioner of Forest Resources has the power to seize all the forest produce together with all tools, machinery, equipment, boats, conveyances and livestock reasonably suspected to have been used in the commission of the offence.

The statement explains, the Forest Commissioner can also direct the sales of the seized tubi to preserve the economic value of the logs.

It further explains, although cabinet had earlier this year approved that Tubi be removed from schedule 1 to 2 under the Wildlife Protection and Management Regulation 2008, any future felling of Tubi, will still be seized until the Regulations are changes or amended.

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