A map of the Ziona area. Photo credit: TNC.

A map of the Ziona area. Photo credit: TNC.

Zinoa Marine Conservation Area in Choiseul Province has gained international recognition from an international panel of experts during the World Coral Reef Conference in Indonesia this week.

A statement from the Nature Conservancy, TNC, today says it was one of 13 Marine Protected Areas, MPAs, recognised as Category three on Priority Development Site international recognition this week.

The statement adds it joined 12 other, larger MPAs based in other Coral Triangle nations including Philippines, Timor Leste, PNG, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Dr Alan White, a senior scientist at The Nature Conservancy says individually, these countries are making headway in increasing the benefits of marine and coastal protection over large areas within their borders.

Dr White adds regional co-operation is very crucial to protect the economically important species to ensure sustainable benefits from these shared resources are protected.

SIBC News understands it is the first time for the individual MPAs to be recognition internationally.

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