Tuki’s future hangs in the balance




Freda Tuki. Photo: Supplied.


The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission will determine if Freda Tuki would qualify to contest in the coming National General Elections after it studies the High Court judgement on the petition case won by former Temotu VATUD MP Clay Forau.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mose Saitala said, his office was still waiting for a written copy of yesterday’s High Court verdict.

Yesterday Judge Rex Foukona ruled in favour of petitioner and former Temotu Vatud MP Clay Forau in one of the last 2014 successful election petition cases.

But Mr. Saitala said, the Commission would meet late today or tomorrow to understand if the High Court weighs its verdict on the Electoral Act 2018 or the previous Act.

This he added, would determine if Ms. Tuki qualifies to contest in the coming national general elections.

” I’m not sure of the penalties that will be applied, whether it will be the new act or the old act,” he said.

” The offence was actually prosecuted on what happened in 2014 , because it is an offence under the old act, but the old act is already gone.”

Mr. Saitala added, at its meeting, the Commission would also decide if a bi-election for Temotu VATUD was necessary at the eve of the next national general elections.


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