Two new clinics planned for east Honiara


The Honiara City Council Health Division is planning to build two new clinics for residents living in the eastern side of Honiara city.
Honiara City Council Health Director, Dr Chris Becha told journalists recently that the full council has endorsed that one clinic will be built at Panatina and the other at Matariu.
Dr Becha said one of the factors is due to the increasing population in the eastern part of the city.
He said many developments are moving east as well.
Honiara City Council has a total of nine clinics, all of which are situated in central and west Honiara.
“Over the years, we do not have clinics in the eastern part of Honiara. I have just discussed this with the City Mayor. The full council has endorsed this plan of building two clinics in the area.
“We will liaise with our colleagues from the Ministry of Health to see how best we will address this. It has been identified, and the current mayor and his team are very keen to push this through,� Dr Becha said.
He said HCC will be working with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to have this plan implemented.
Dr Chris Becha speaking
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