MoneyTwo women have been detained on fraud-related charges – committed at two different times and incidents. One suspect, a Guadalcanal woman from Vobvota Village, was arrested after she deposited a total of 133-thousand, 8-hundred 29 and seventeen cents to two different account holders at a bank in Point Cruz.

She was reported to the police by the bank and is currently in police custody. She will appear in Court on October 17.

In a separate incident, another suspect, a Malaita woman from Manakwai village, has been arrested in relation to a conversion. She committed the conversion while working as an employee of the Save the Children Organization earlier this month. Police allege she applied for a sum of 1-thousand and 5-hundred dollars from the NGO to conduct a child club activity at Visale in Guadalcanal, which did not happen. She is currently out on bail and will appear in Court on November 23. The Police Media Unit says police investigation continues.

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