A multi-parameter patient monitor: en.comen.com

A multi-parameter patient monitor: en.comen.com

UNICEF had today handed over two medical equipments to the National Referral Hospital, including a delivery bed for the Hospital’s labour ward.

The other equipment was a multi-parameter patient monitor for the Nursery ward.

Head of Paediatrics Dr Titus Nasi told SIBC News the monitor has multiple functions and can monitor a baby’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature.

“It can monitor blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate and how the heart works and it can also give us the temperature of a baby, so you don’t need a thermometer, you don’t need a cuff machine all those different things to measure will now be provided by this machine and so just connect it up, turn it on and just make sure it operates properly to calibrate the information and the nurses will just observe and record to see how the different parameters are going and would let us know anything abnormal.”

Meanwhile, the Head of Paediatrics says this is the first time for the ward to receive such machines.

Dr Titus Nasi says the multi-parameter patient monitor is going to be really helpful, especially for the very sick children.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Health Pediatrics we are so happy for New Zealand as the main donor and UNICEF for facilitating and coordinating arrangements to purchase such a machine. We never have it before and this is the first time to have it so we say thank you to the UNICEF and the New Zealand Government.”

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