Varley confirms Asian prostitution ring in Honiara


Photo: Cosmopolitan

Police are aware of the Asian Prostitution Ring reportedly thriving in Honiara, says Police Commissioner Matthew Varley.

Investigative information obtained by SIBC News indicated a number of locations where the Asians involved are practicing these illegal activities in Honiara, one of which is operating under the disguise of a massaging centre.

Prostitution-related activities such as soliciting and brothel keeping are prohibited under the country’s laws.

But responding to media questions concerning these illegal activities, Commissioner Varley said they are aware of the issue saying it is not new.

“I understand our officers are aware of it and there are investigations ongoing but I would make the point that I don’t think this is a particularly new issue.

“I certainly don’t think it’s an issue that Solomon Islands is alone in, we know that you know transnational crime groups around the world and particularly around the region often are involved in prostitution rackets in various locations and I’ve heard reports before, similar reports about prostitution rackets occurring in remote areas in particular logging camps and those sorts of thing. It’s something we do keep an eye on”.

He added, the challenge is getting information from the community saying people should come forward with such information.

“Often this is an underground or hidden trade but information provided by community sources is really important so our Transnational Crime Unit and our investigations department are aware of this and have been assessing it for quite sometime.

“The point I’d make, in the article I saw there was some reporting around people having information on vehicles, hotel rooms, all those sorts of things, even small pieces of information like that are really useful to Police to help us piece together the puzzle.

“So I’d like to encourage people to continue to come forward and provide that information to us”.

SIBC Online understands, the Immigration Department is not aware of this issue nor does it has the capacity to investigate and monitor the work permits being issued to these Asians.


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