Afio, Small Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

Afio, Small Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

The venue for the Small Malaita 2016 Yam Cultural Festival in Pululaha in South Malaita is now ready for the event’s commencement.

The 2016 Yam Cultural Festival was set to kick off from 22nd to 28th this month.

Office Manager of the 2016 Yam Cultural Festival Secretariat Mr George Awa told SIBC News, Solomon Telekom has installed a communication tower and other infrastructure for easy communication access ahead of the event.

“Our Telekom has put up its tower so that people can be able to communicate and have confirmed that their 3G network is also up and running as well as other infrastructures are set to go. We are also preparing roads at the moment so that people can travel on a good road from communities to the festival site and everything is in their final stage.”

Meanwhile, Mr Awa is encouraging the public to attend this month’s event.

Visitors from across the country and the regional are expected to witness and participate in the event.

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