During the National Healing & Apology program. Photo credit: SIBC.

During the National Healing & Apology program. Photo credit: SIBC.

It was a moving moment when former Malaita combatants yesterday apologised to the women, youth and children of Guadalcanal for the suffering they endured during the ethnic conflict.

The Malaita Solomon Islands Post-Conflict Rehabilitation and Restoration Association handed over a Chupu as a peace offering to the victims.

Speaking on behalf SIPCRRA Malaita, their representative said during the time of the ethnic conflict, the Malaita combatants had prevented vehicles and boats from bringing food to the communities of Guadalcanal.

He apologised for the suffering their actions have caused.

A hush fell over the crowd as they listened to the President of the Guadalcanal Women’s Association Greenta Tome, accept the peace offering.

“Despite it taking us this far, we understand that peace would come somewhere somehow and we are happy that it happens here today at the Rove ground and I would like to stand on behalf of the Guadalcanal women and the children who didn’t discuss with me, but I would like to take this opportunity to accept and receive the gift that you have presented in terms of peace.”

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