Former politician Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

Veteran politicians have expressed disappointment in the Attorney General Billy Titiulu, saying he has not been honoring their appointments to meet him.

A former politician, Kamilio Teke told SIBC today, the purpose of their appointment with the Attorney General, was to discuss and finalise entitlements for veteran politicians for serving the country.

Mr Teke said it is disappointing that the Attorney General, a person of high caliber, continues to be absent from appointments.

He said respect should be given to former politicians because they were decision makers for Solomon Islands in past years.

“We’ve been doing some work, once upon a time we were decision makers of this nation. For sure some kind of respect should be accorded to us as veteran politicians. For instance, myself, I did some work for the government and the nation. The provincial government system currently practised in the country is an example of my work, which eventually ended up in parliament and is serving us until today.”

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