Domestic Violence. Photo credit:

Domestic Violence. Photo credit:

A domestic violence survivor has broken her silence and publicly appeal to women and girls in Solomon Islands who are victims of domestic violence – ‘Enough is Enough’.

The survivor, a foreigner is married to a local who victimized her severely over the past eight months.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC News at a secret location this afternoon, the survivor recalls how she was brutally beaten by her husband.

“I got stabbed at the back of my neck till my backbone with five strokes from a kitchen knife and I was a bit unconscious so I couldn’t feel much pain of that, but then I gain a little consciousness and looking up I saw the knife coming to my face so I put my left hand to defend but I had a big cut above my elbow and my shoulder, which has 16 stitches, so that was a very big thing and I had to fight for my life because he went to look for a big knife to cut off my head. That’s what he said in pidgin.”

The survivor urges domestic violence victims who are being silent about their suffering to report their case to the responsible authorities and end domestic violence.

“We have places like Seif Ples, we have places like the Christina Care Centre as well as the Family Support Centre where people can step in to help you out of your problem once you report to them your experiences and they can help you through the police. But if you’re thinking of just staying and nothing will happen, that’s wrong. You see I was thinking of my children’s future and that one day my husband will be a good person but look at how many bruises I have. Physically looking at me you’ll sympathise with me, so I come out and report those who are doing such actions.”

The survivor’s voice has been distorted on the victim’s request.

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