Vietnamese ‘blue boats’ escorted into Honiara


Police Patrol Boat 03 Lata escorting one of the Blue Boats to the Aola base (2) 

By Rickson Jordan Bau

The three Vietnamese Blue Boats suspected of illegal fishing in Solomon Islands’ waters arrived at the Aola patrol boat base in Honiara earlier this morning. 

The boats were apprehended late on Sunday at the Indispensable Reef, 50km south of Rennell Island, Renbel Province.

Yesterday’s story on the ‘blue boats’

The Police, Ministry of Fisheries, Biosecurity Solomon Islands and Immigration and Foreign Affairs officials conducted a briefing regarding a plan for the boats and its crew.

The three 'blue boats' in question

The three ‘blue boats’ in question. Pictures: Rickson Jordan Bau

SIBC News was at the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Maritime Aola base in Honiara to witness the ships come in.

Meanwhile, all 43 crew members of the blue boats were transported by Police under reasonable escort to the Rove prison facility in Honiara.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and Ministry of Fisheries are yet to send out any information on the arrest of the crew. 

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