Heavy rain. Photo:

Heavy rain. Photo:

Tropical Cyclone Pam, currently Northeast of Anuta Island in Temotu Province, has been forecasted to continue to develop as it travels south.

Director of Meteorology, David Hiriasia confirms the Cyclone is still within Solomon Islands regions and is still a Category Two cyclone.

He says their forecasts show Cyclone Pam will continue to develop or intensify overnight or over the next day.

“The tropical cyclone Pam is still located Northeast of the Anuta island in Temotu Province and the system is still moving South at a very slow speed of four knots and the forecast is for the tropical cyclone time to continue developing or in other words it will continue to intensify overnight or within then next day or so as it travels down South.”

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) has issued a Heavy Rain and Flooding, “What to Do,” information for all Provinces and Islands following the Heavy Rain Warning Number Nine issued at 6 am this morning.

NEOC says people living in or close to vulnerable flooding areas are strongly advised to take serious action, saying village leaders and families should listen to their radio for emergency information and to check that their neighbours and vulnerable people gave received this advice.

The warning adds, people in low-lying coastal areas under threat of flooding should prepare to move to safe areas, and take only essential items like, radio, mobile, matches, torch, knife, food, water, important papers, important medicines, store drinking water in sealed plastic containers as water supply may be interrupted.

It warns parents to keep their children indoors.

The statement advised motorists to use extreme caution when travelling in wet, slippery and flood areas and are encouraged not to cross large streams of unknown depth.

Mariners are also advised to be extra cautious when travelling out in the sea.

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