Wale calls on government to be serious about addressing HCC’s corruption allegations

Leader of the official Opposition, Hon. Mathew Wale

Opposition Leader-Hon. Matthew Wale is calling on the government to take appropriate actions to address the serious allegations of corruption and abuse of office leveled against Honiara City Council Executive.

Hon Wale understands there is a report made on the allegation, which the government must study it and take corrective action quickly to stop dragging the matter.

As the office that keeps checks and balances on Government’s actions, it seems the government is dragging its feet and seems uninterested, he says.

And worse, the Minister on his recent visit to the council, urged councilors to resolve their differences and carry on – ignoring the very serious allegations, causing his office to ask why?

He says, if the allegations are not true, then it is incumbent on the government to also inform the public about that.

SIBC News understands, the HCC Mayor, the Clerk, and businessman Szetu, who is an appointed councilor, are the accused in the allegation.

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