Wale: “Mindless policy”

Leader of the opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale

The government’s policy plans to freeze the recruitment process in the Public Service will affect the implementation of the 2021 budget.

Leader of Opposition Hon Mathew Wale told parliament today during his debate on the 2021 Budget appropriation Bill.  

Mr. Wale made the statement in his debate on the 2021 Appropriation Bill 2021 in parliament today.

He says the risk of having unfinished projects is high.

He describes the plan to freeze the recruitment process as a “mindless policy.” 

“The risk of partial or incomplete projects is higher than usual. In other words, the capacity is beyond the machinery of the government”

The Opposition Leader adds the restructuring process should begin at the political level if the government is more serious about ensuring an effective and efficient government.

“If the government is serious about the efficiency and effectiveness of governance, the restructuring and resizing must start at the political level,” Mr. Wale said. 


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