“Close SI-International Borders”: Dr. James Ereaia

Solomon Islands Priest and doctor residing in Italy, Father Dr. James Ereai

A Solomon Islands Priest residing in Italy has advised the government to immediately close all our international entry points as soon as possible.

Father, James Ereaihionaniia, who is serving in Rome, mentioned on his Facebook page last night, saying this is the best decision the government should do before it’s too late for a vulnerable country like the Solomon Islands.

He explained, as someone who lives in Italy and Europe, which have top health facilities, underestimating the threat posed by COVID-19 and delaying of the lockdown of their key entry points, are the reasons for their current situation.

Father Ereaihionaniia says, it takes 4 weeks after the first positive case of the virus was recorded in Italy before it overrides their health system.

He believes, Solomon Islands health system incomparable to this as it is inadequate to deal with the virus once it enters the country.

The priest, therefore, says the only best thing for the Solomon Islands is to close its borders to keep our citizens free from the virus.

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