Wale must resign, Suidani warned


The Prime Minister has called on the Member for Aoke Langalanga to resign from his seat as Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga, pursuant to section 50(b) of the Constitution.

PM Sogavare

This call is made in light of the allegations that Matthew Wale was involved in the recent riots and was communicating with the Rioters. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare revealed this in his opening statement on November 30, 2021 in the motion to adjourn the meeting to Monday, 6th December, 2021.

“The Leader of Opposition admitted that he did not have the number and yet he is adamant that the motion be held on 6th December, 2021,” Sogavare stated. 

“As stated in Parliament, we have received information that the instigators are now planning to threaten individual Members of Parliament in Government. This is exactly why the Leader of Opposition is adamant to have the motion debated. He is fully aware that if the threats are successful the MPs would be resigning ahead of the planned Motion of No Confidence. Hon Wale is using violence and disorder as tool to further his agenda,” he further added. 

The Prime Minister condemns this illegal action and asks the Leader of Opposition if the allegations are true then he should be doing the right thing by tendering his resignation to the Hon. Speaker of the National Parliament. 

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has also reminded Daniel Suidani that harbouring criminal elements is a crime under the Penal Code of Solomon Islands is punishable by imprisonment.

This call is made following information received by the Solomon Islands Government that “domestic terrorists” responsible for the events of 24th – 27th November, 2021 have escaped to Auki and are currently being housed by Mr Suidani either at his residence or supporting their accommodation.

That is also a criminal act when you house and protect those “domestic terrorists”. The Prime Minister demands that Mr Suidani do the right thing and report them to Auki Police.

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