Opposition Leader calls for investigation of allegations concerning PM


The Leader of Opposition Mathew Wale has called for the commencement of a full and thorough criminal investigation into serious criminal allegations concerning Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. 

Opposition Leader Matthew Wale (L) call on police to immediately start criminal investigations of allegations concerning Prime Minister Sogavare. Photo. Charlie Salini/SIBC

“I call on the police and criminal investigation authorities to immediately start criminal investigations into abduction and conspiracy to murder allegations that involve our Prime Minister back in 2000”.

Hon. Wale made the call in light of the admission by Prime Minister Sogavare during the recent motion of no confidence debate, wherein the PM claimed that he saved the life of Hon. Bodo Dettke, the MP for North West Guadalcanal and late Hon. John Garo. 

The Leader of Opposition stated, “the recollection of the Prime Minister made on the floor of parliament and broadcasted around the nation and abroad, was an admission which confirms and places the Prime Minister right at the scene of a potential crime which has him interacting with both the alleged abductees and abductors”.

Hon. Wale is now aware of a statement released to the public by Hon. Dettke, one of the persons who was allegedly abducted, which may contradict the version of events as recalled by the PM in parliament. 

“We have a situation where the Head of Government has placed himself at the scene of potential serious crimes, and his version of the story does not line up with that of the person who was abducted,” said Wale. 

He added that, “it is now fact that Hon. Dettke was abducted. This has been corroborated by the PM himself who, with his savior of Hon. Dettke statement, was a witness to this”. 

The Opposition Leader further stated that, “the motive for Hon. Dettke’s abduction is yet to be determined and the versions of the events do not line up, that is why a thorough investigation needs to be undertaken by our authorities”. 

Hon. Wale added that, “The pertinent questions to ask are, who ordered the abductions, and ‘why the abductees were brought to Hon. Sogavare’s office?”

The Opposition Leader said the PM mentioned he has reconciled with the person who carried out the abductions. Hon. Wale however feared the reconciliation may have been an attempt to influence a potential key witness to the crime

“This is an issue of national interest and it is both in the interest of the country and PM’s own that investigations start, which will allow the PM the opportunity to ensure that he clears his involvement in these serous criminal matters and any wrong doing which he has implicated himself in,” Wale further added.

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