We must protect Solomon Islander women: Freda Soriacomua


Hon. Freda Soriacomua

The lack of access to safety and protective services for women is a form of discrimination, says the Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Freda Soriacomua.

Minister Soriacouma made the statement while launching the Essential Service Package (ESP) in Honiara yesterday.

Mrs Soriacouma said women in rural areas lacked services such as emergency hotlines, safe accommodation, and counseling.

She said although some of these services were available in Honiara through the Family Support Centre and the Christian Care Centre, they did not have the resources to reach everyone who needs them.

She added it was important for quality essential services to be available for women with disabilities and other special needs, and elderly women.

The Minister said the ESP would give victims of violence access to sexual and reproductive health services, support to ensure mental and physical health, and access to police and justice services.

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