We’ve got mail: the Solomons set to get a nationwide delivery service


The postal service is introducing a new delivery strategy

A new address system using an online app and mapping of a small three-by-three metre area is being introduced to the Solomon Islands to enable home delivery of mail and goods.

The system, called “What3Words”, maps out every three meter by three meter square area of the country – and the world – allowing mail to be delivered to a home or business within that individual zone.

Every single area in the Solomon Islands will be given unique three-word sequence, such as “dog-cat-pig”, based on its 3×3 metre zone.

That three-word sequence will become its address. Targeting an initial population of ten thousand in Honiara, Solomon Post said the new system would be launched on July 6.

Tonga launched the system, which also uses an app, earlier this year.

Solomon Post chief executive Allan Arafoa said the new system would connect the country, including those in remote locations.

Post office boxes have been the main way of getting mail

He said the system would benefit the country’s Government departments and help develop e-commerce activities.

“The entities that will really benefit from the addressing system are Government,” he said. “(With the system) they can reach out to the people, logistics moving of things if we know the address those things can reach them.

“It will also help the country with commerce and e-commerce and help trade  because people will order online, they will pay online and when the things arrive here, by knowing where they are, by knowing the accurate location where they are, then delivery to them will be easy.”

The What3Words app can be used online or offline with the offline version another map software.

In some places in Guadalcanal maybe in provinces who do not have Internet access, you can still use it.”

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