United Nations Development Program Land Use Technical officer, Kristina Fidali has said there is a win all situation both for government ministries and landowners through the upcoming land use policy.

Ms. Fidali made the statement in an interview with SIBC News recently, saying there are a lot of win-win situations in the upcoming land use policy, especially for the government ministries involved.

She adds, both government and non government stakeholders working on the policy project can be able to use its final output as it will be very helpful in terms of land use planning.

“Particularly for this, there is a good opportunity that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock plus Ministry of Environment and other NGO’s working together with the project can be able to run with this policy because there are a lot of win-win situations in it that the government can be able to see its importance”.

 Ms. Fidali said though it may take a few months to finalize, UNDP strives on inputting some recommendations from a land use planning pilot project recently conducted in Boeboe, Choiseul province.

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