Withdrawal of Anti-Corruption Bill is hypocrisy at its best: Manele

The Opposition Leader Hon. Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Parliament.

The withdrawal of the Anti-Corruption Bill 2016 in Parliament yesterday was hypocrisy at its best, says Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Hon. Jeremiah Manele.

Mr Manele made the comment in a media conference yesterday.

The Anti-Corruption Bill, which was due for debate in Parliament after its second reading, was withdrawn yesterday by Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare.

Mr Sogavare cited the recommendations of the Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee as reasons for withdrawing the bill to give Cabinet time to amend it.

But speaking to local journalists today, Opposition Leader Jeremiah Manele described this as “a lame excuse”.

“This was the same excuse issued by the Prime Minister in the past, of course the Bills and Legislation Committee report as part of its recommendations commended the bill to the House.” he said.

“The withdrawal of the Anti-Corruption Bill is politically motivated,It is a tactic used by the Prime Minister to maintain the support of its members, of course some of whom are scared of the bill and have been threatening to desert the government.”

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader said the bill’s withdrawal was a slap on the face of ordinary Solomon Islanders, adding MPs who voted in favour of the bill’s withdrawal have failed this nation.

“This is  a slap on the face of the ordinary citizens of this country and I hope that the Prime Minister will come to realize this, the Prime Minister and MPs who have voted in favour of the withdrawal of the bill have failed the people of this country,” he said.

“If the Government fails to reintroduce the Anti-Corruption Bill it will greatly undermine its good governance reform programs and one of the main reform programmes is the Anti-Corruption Bill.”

The Opposition Group strongly doubts the Anti-Corruption Bill will ever be re-tabled in parliament during the term of the current House.

31 members from the Government side including the Prime Minister voted in favour of withdrawing the bill, while 9 comprising mostly of the opposition and independent members voted against, and 10 other MPs were absent.

Below is the list of MPs who voted in favour of withdrawing the Anti-Corruption Bill, those who voted against, and those who were absent.

In favour:

1. Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka
2. Hon. Ishmael Avui
3. Hon. Jackson Fiulaua
4. Hon. Moffat Fugui
5. Hon. Moses Garu
6. Hon. Samuel Iduri
7. Hon. Dr. Angikimua Tautai
8. Hon. Dudley Kopu
9. Hon. Dean Kuku
10. Hon. Chris Laore
11. Hon. Manasseh Maelanga
12. Hon. Augustin Auga
13. Hon. John Maneniaru
14. Hon. Andrew Manepora
15. Hon. Samuel Manetoali
16. Hon. William Marau
17. Hon. Commins Mewa
18. Hon. Elizah Doromuala
19. Hon. David Day Pacha
20. Hon. Dickson Mua
21. Hon. B. Parapolo
22. Hon. Danny Philip
23. Hon. Snyder Rini
24. Hon. Stanley Sofu
25. Hon. Manasseh Sogavare
26. Hon. Jimson Tana
27. Hon. Silas Vangara
28. Hon. Bradley Tovusia
29. Hon. Milner Tozaka
30. Hon. Freda Tuki
31. Hon. Sam Maneka


32. Hon. Matthew Wale
33. Hon. Rick Hou
34. Hon. Jeremiah Manele
35. Hon. Derek Manuari
36. Hon. Sandakabatu
37. Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua
38. Hon. Peter Tom
39. Hon. Dr. Culwick Togamana
40. Hon. Bodo Dettke


41. Hon. Douglas Ete
42. Hon. Nesto Ghiro
43. Hon. Martin Kealoe
44. Hon. Jimmy Lusibaea
45. Hon. Namson Tran
46. Hon. Lionel Alex
47. Hon. Charles Sigoto
48. Hon. David Tome
49. Hon. Steve Abana
50. Hon Alfred Ghiro



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