World Cup fever hits Honiara


Shop keepers setting up flags outside a shop in Rove, Honiara.

Residents of Honiara are now getting ready for the month long FIFA World Cup finals in Russia, kicking off in less than 24 hours.

A visit by SIBC to shops around Honiara today, saw many fans queuing up in shops, mainly to buy antennas and TV screens.

Many of the shop owners interviewed told SIBC that the sale of TV receivers had sky rocketed in the past two weeks.

It was obvious to see people carrying Antennas around town today.

Many shops have also had to bring their TV Receivers, TV Screens and World Cup merchandises outside in the streets, which was also popular amongst members of the public.

Numbers of cars and buses have also installed the flags of their favourite teams, a huge hit for vehicle owners in the capital.

Guadalcanal, parts of Malaita, Western, Central , and Makira provinces will enjoy television coverage for the 2018 FIFA games.




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