Yandina. Photo credit: travelingluck.com

Yandina. Photo credit: travelingluck.com

Parents of Yandina community in Central Islands Province have raised their concern about their youths currently involving in criminal activities.

This is worrying as the criminal related activities are threatening the future of these youths.

SIBC News stringer in Central Islands Province Tome Kiki reports.

“Almost all parents in and around Yandina have came out strongly this morning to talk out against the widespread selling of illegal drugs like kwaso, home brew, kava and marijuana. The rise of anti-social behaviour by the youth have caused parents of Yandina to be anxious about their children’s future.”

Mr Kiki reports, the concerned parents call on all responsible authorities to quickly address the issue.

“They are calling on the responsible authorities like the police, chiefs in Yandina and community leaders to take immediate actions to address the issue of selling illegal drugs and control such illegal activities now.”

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