Young millionaire visits Solomon Islands

Chad Chong from Los Angeles, California, USA.

A young millionaire is visiting the country today.

Chad Chong from Los Angeles, California, United States of America will be in the country over night.

Placid Walekwate, one of the local organisers in Solomon Islands said, Chad who is in his thirties will educate interested Solomon Islanders on network marketing industry.

“His trip is purposely to educate our people and get them to have an understanding about what the industry is all about”, Mr Walekwate said.

“As we know there are alot of companies coming into our country and it’s important we should help our people know how to identify the right companies to go in partnership with. That is the key.”

Chad will host two presentations at the Solomon Islands National University Lecture theatre tonight and tomorrow.

Presentations will cover different aspects of online marketing.


By: Leni Dalavera


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