The Queen's Young Leaders Award logo. Photo credit:

The Queen’s Young Leaders Award logo. Photo credit:

The 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders Award winner, 26-year-old Nolan Salmon Parairua wants to raise a number of youth issues to the international state during his visit to Buckingham Palace, London next week.

Nolan told SIBC News, the need for a workable mechanism to foster youth development and participation remains eminent.

“Once I have the opportunity I want to convey what the real needs of young people in the country are and I want to build up youth networks more effectively with the ministry responsible for youths like the Ministry of Youth as well as make it possible for youths in the rural areas to be heard especially in decision-making as well as their participation in decision-making.”

Nolan has been recognised by the Queen for taking the lead in transforming the lives of other youths and making a lasting difference in his community.

He will be representing the Solomon Islands as a Queen’s Young Leader, at a five-day high-level engagement at Buckingham Palace.

Before receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace, Nolan will join winners from 45 different Commonwealth countries in a visit to 10 Downing Street and the UK headquarters of global social networking company Twitter, and meet with senior executives at the BBC World Service.

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