Y@W logo. Photo credit: Facebook.

Y@W logo. Photo credit: Facebook.

Young people will soon have a medium to display their writing, photography and art when Youth At Work launches its quarterly non-profit magazine mid this year.

In a statement Program Manager, Sandra Bartlett says the magazine is to “empower and inspire youth, display local youth’s creative talents and raise awareness of youth issues”.

Miss Bartlett says Solomon Islands has never had a magazine like YOSI – it will be written by youths for youths.

She says the magazine will contain articles on youth issues, including music, health, careers and encourage all youth to be involved in the project.

The Program Manager adds, there will also be opportunities for local businesses to support this not for profit project through advertising and sponsorship.

Meanwhile, about 100 youths have received free training in journalism, creative writing and photography workshops in preparation for the Youth Magazine.

Joseph Manemaka, who works as the Program’s Communication Officer and facilitated the Photography Workshop, said it was an opportunity for young people to learn important new skills.

He said the workshops prepare and encourage young people interested in writing and photography to not only contribute to YOSI, but to also kickstart their career paths.

During the workshops, participants completed exercises on finding stories for feature articles, heard how to write creatively and were taught a number of techniques to take quality pictures that will suit the magazine.

Mr. Manemaka says more workshops will be held for young people were not able to attend the first round of workshops.

SIBC News understands story submissions for the first issue of YOSI Magazine is currently open and closes at the end of the month.

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