Youths want to be part of the solution, not the problem


Youths during their discussion today.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) held the Inaugural youth anti-corruption workshop in Honiara today.

Over 60 youth leaders from across the country attended the event today, organised to promote Anti-corruption  awareness for our young people.

This was part of UNDP’s ‘Peace Building Fund Project’, an initiative which is aimed at promoting a corrupt free Pacific.

As part of the program today, speeches were given from  representatives from the Government, NGOs, Church and Youth leaders. Group discussions and panels were also held where youths were engaged in discussing corruption issues affecting the country, and how to reduce it.

Speaking during the event, UNDP Country Director, Ms Azuzo Kubota said, our young people are the key to reducing corruption in the country.

“To foster positive change in the country, we believe it is critical to listen to the voices of young people,” she said.

” Youths want to be heard, they want to be part of the solution, not the problem. This is why we partner with stakeholders to support youth networks like this one, it is possible for you to be heard and part of making your country better, it starts with you.”

Meanwhile, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children , Dr. Celdric Alependava, urges the youths to emulate Biblical characters and abide by their duty as Christians to live a truthful life, and say no to corruption.

“All in all, corruption is a sin, because when you practice corruption, you steal, and you lie, that’s transgression of Gods law, and the country’s laws,” he said.

“We commit corruption because we do not love our fellow men, it is like cancer, and we must make all efforts to stop this.”


By: Lowen Sei.




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