14 Food outlets ordered to close down after failing HCC inspections




A typical food warmer in many of Honiara’s restaurants.


At least 14 food outlets in Honiara are ordered to close temporarily by Honiara City Council, after failing to comply with the HCC health regulations.

HCC has beefed up inspection on food outlets since last month. A total of 77 food outlets were checked.

Honiara City Council Health Inspector, George Titiulu said apart from the 14, the majority of food outlets inspected were issued ‘clean up notices’.

He said the clean up notices would be lifted as soon as restaurants meet HCC’s health requirements.

Mr Titiulu said, they use standard checking system for the operation to make sure all food outlets in the city are safe for the consumer.

“We use a standard checking procedure  where basically it looks at health requirements, purposely to stop bacteria from such food outlets, so that people who are going to eat in such food outlets will not get sick,” he said.

Mr Titiulu said restaurant cleanliness and food warmers to preserve raw and processed food at a certain temperature are at the top of their check list.

“We also would like to see that inside the food storage. Raw foods like cabbage, fish and chicken are not stored together and we also check that the food warmers and ice are in safe temperatures.”

He said  food that needs to be kept warm should  be stored in temperatures that are more than 60 degree Celsius.

Mr Titiulu said the main purpose for the operation was to avoid harm to people in the city.

The food outlet operation was  a joint operation by the Honiara City Council, Guadalcanal Provincial Government and Ministry of Health and Environment Division.


By: Allen Waitara 


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