1700 SINU students graduate in huge ceremony

The ceremony at SINU today

The ceremony at SINU today. Pictures: Gina Kekea

About 1700 students graduated from Solomon Islands National University this morning in a massive ceremony.

The graduating class was the university’s fourth since it became a university, with graduates receiving certificates, diplomas and degrees.

The Governor General Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui was the guest speaker at this morning’s SINU graduation.

He said reminded the graduates that corruption was everywhere – both in the public service and private sector – and new graduates should try not to be part of it.

The crowd at the ceremony today

The crowd at the ceremony today

“A former Government Minister once said that the money scandals in the public service were often the work of graduates working in the public service.

“I’m sure such graduates have been scholarship holders funded by the Government in the sincere hope that they would come and serve the Government well – instead the opposite happens, how sad.”

Sir Kabui said success in life depended on circumstances, opportunities, individual attitudes, one’s future plan and God’s guidance.

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