Malaria prevention works: health authorities

Dr Nemia Bainivalu speaking at SIBC today

Dr Nemia Bainivalu speaking at SIBC today

Malaria prevention works: that is the message relayed to the people of the Solomon Islands on World Malaria Day.

During an education session at SIBC today to commemorate the day, the benefits of malaria prevention were highlighted, with figures showing the rate of the disease in the Solomon Islands dropped by 47 per cent since in the six years since 2010.

In that period a number of preventative measures, such as the distribution of about 430,000 mosquito nets across the country and general education on reducing mosquito breeding sites, has helped reduce cases, authorities say.

Giving the keynote address today – which was broadcast across the country on SIBC – acting under secretary of health improvement Dr Nemia Bainivalu said although malaria was still technically an “epidemic” in the Solomon Islands, they were committed to eliminating the disease by 2030 – the target set across the world.

“Prevention has worked (but) gaps do remain,” Dr Bainivalu said. “(It is) one of the concerning health problems in the country.”

Dr Bainivalu also appealed to the provinces and the corporate sector of the country to remain committed to prevention to help prevent the spread of the disease.


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