Baegu Asifola MP acquitted.

Admin- May 31, 2018

Baegu/Asifola MP David Tome. Photo: Parliament The Magistrates' Court has acquitted Baegu-Asifola MP David Tome. The former Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening was ... Read More

Police discover body parts from Crocodile attack

Admin- May 30, 2018

Police during one of its crocodile hunt.  Guadalcanal Police have discovered alleged body parts of a young boy reported to have been attacked by a ... Read More

Western Province submits TSM inclusion in provincial Act.

Admin- May 30, 2018

Western Province has made a submission to the Ministry of Provincial Government and institutional Strengthening to include a Temporary Special Measure to have three reserved ... Read More

Blood Donation Program threatened by funding uncertainty.

Admin- May 29, 2018

Solomon Islands Red Cross logo: Photo: Red Cross. The Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation Program in the country is threatened by lack of funding assistance. Secretary ... Read More

Tulagi Hospital without doctor for 5 years now

Admin- May 29, 2018

  Tulagi hospital. Photo: LEMCO.   Tulagi Hospital in Central Islands Province has been operating without a medical Doctor for nearly five years now. The ... Read More

Provincial road upgrades in progress.

Admin- May 28, 2018

Road works in Honiara. The National Government is using its National Transport Fund to repair deteriorating road conditions across the country. Permanent Secretary for the ... Read More

A day in the life of local Gold miners.

Admin- May 28, 2018

Locals panning for gold.   "In five minutes, I can get the same pay as the Prime Minister," Chris Isafi told SIBC news. "Its hard ... Read More