Western Province submits TSM inclusion in provincial Act.

Western Province has made a submission to the Ministry of Provincial Government and institutional Strengthening to include a Temporary Special Measure to have three reserved seats for women in its Assembly, into the provincial Act.

The provincial Women’s Desk Officer Lisi Binet confirmed they submitted a letter signed by the Premier Wayne Maepio to the Ministry last month.

Mrs Binet said the progress towards establishing the TSM went well, considering it was only proposed in August last year.

She said the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs and other Non-Governmental organizations have provided the necessary support towards the proposal. In December last year a training of trainers was held in Gizo for the 26 wards.

“The position now and the framework for the TSM is for it to be implemented in the next four years,” said Mrs Binet.

“With the length of time it will take to include the TSM proposal in the provincial Act, it is most likely to be established after four years, not this coming government.”

Mrs Binet however said,  the future of women going into politics in the Western Province already looks bright.

“With Mrs Tanangada’s recent win as the new M-P for Gizo-Kolombanagara constituency, we hope that more women will have the confidence to contest and more people will see women as capable leaders.

“For the next four years, our women groups will continue to work together to empower women and build up their capacities in decision making.”

Mrs Binet clarified the TSM is only temporary, they might do away with it if women show they are competent to run in open seats.

Five women are contesting the Western Provincial elections next month.

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