2023 Pacific Games establishes new body

Dr Jimmy Rodgers chairs the ‘National Hosting Authority”.  Photo credit: Pacific Disability online.

The 2023 Pacific Games has a new body to oversee the procedures leading up to the games.

The newly established body is called ”National Hosting Authority” and is Chaired by the Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers.

Dr. Rodgers last week introduced the executive members of the ”National Hosting Authority”.

Dr Rodgers explained, the body established was provided for by the Pacific Games 2023 Act gazetted on October 26th 2018.

He added, while the Act is the overall governing body for the games preparations, the NHA will assume its role to govern the rules and procedures to ensure a successful 2023 Pacific games.

“Over the last couple of days we talked about the establishment of this body so that it gets operational.

“We have agreed on policies and procedures on how to go forward and we have looked at some of the rules that would govern the way we do business and that would be circulated to members for review.

“At the next meeting we’ll finalize them and adopt them to go forward.

Meanwhile, National Hosting Authority’s board member and Pacific Games Council President Vidya Lakhan explained, the formation of this new body is stated in the contract signed by the Solomon Islands Government, National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands and the games council upon winning the bid to host the 2023 games.

Mr Lakhan said, within that lengthy contract, one significant element has three entities where one entity is to establish the audit and oversight committee for the games.

“One is what we call an Audit and oversight committee and here it is called the National host authority, and have a games facility and an organising committee. Today we had the inaugural meeting of the National hosting authority.”

He further added, the audit and oversight committee- the National Hosting Council must include the Solomon Islands Government, NOCSI and the Pacific Games Council.

“And on that, the Government of Solomon Islands has four seats, NOCSI has three seats, the Game Council has one seat. And their job will oversea the organisation’s preparation and the hosting of the Games.”

By: Allen Waitara

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