Maelanga calls for peace

East Malaita Constituency MP, Manasseh Maelanga.

The member of parliament for East Malaita and one of the country’s prominent politician has called for calmness and peace after yesterday’s events after the Prime Minister’s election.

Hon. Manaseh Maelanga said any issues that the people are not happy about should be left to leaders and the courts to handle.

Mr Maelanga said people can raise their issues through mainstream media or social media, but the ultimate decisions remain with authorities to decide.

“I understand people have their choices on who they want to take the leadership role in the country,but I can assure the country that leadership at the government level depends on the majority,” he said.

“So the majority that have the numbers to form a government, they will be responsible for the country’s leadership, so whatever comes up, we must accept it.”

Mr Maelanga also called on people in Honiara to accept and work closely with any government of the day.

He also called on people to respect business houses, as they provide revenue for the country.

“When we engage in these types of  activities , we cause problems for the government and the country as a whole,” he said.

“Especially I would also want to appeal to my Malaita people to respect the law and avoid causing any trouble or disturbance in the capital.”



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