Abandoned ship sparks oil spill fears in Russell Islands

The abandoned MV Tomisi at Yandina wharf earlier this year.

Communities in Yandina township in the Russell Islands are concerned about the risk of a fuel spill from an abandoned ship berthed at the main Yandina wharf.

Community representative, John Mwane told SIBC News, the people of Yandina were worried that if the MV Tomisi sinks, it would affect shipping and copra transportation in the Russell Islands.

Mr Mwane said they had inspected the ship and discovered sea water was already present in the hull of the ship.

He said the ship was hired from John Wesley Timbers and used to transport copra.

It experienced engine problems last October and had been abandoned ever since.

Mr Mwane said the people of the Yandina are calling on the responsible authorities to address the matter as soon as possible.

He said the main concern for the people was the potential threat the ship might have on the area’s marine life and coastline.

“If the ship stays a little bit more, surely it will sink.” he said.

“We are appealing to the responsible authorities or the owner of the ship to remove this ship from our wharf as soon as possible.”

SIBC contacted the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration for comments but was unsuccessful.

By: Lowen Sei

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