Central province tops PCDF qualification for 2018/2019


Overlooking Tulagi, the capital of Central Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

Central Islands Province has bounced back from bottom to the top- meeting all eight minimum conditions of the Provincial Capacity Development Funds (PCDF) for 2018/2019.

The province was disqualified to access the 2015/2016 Provincial Capacity Development Funds.

The Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening said the Patrick Vasuni led provincial government made it to the top with a score of 59 out of hundred.

Isabel Province maintained its credibility by making it to the second place with a score of 52 out of hundred while Temotu sat in third position.

It added, the province on lowest points is Guadalcanal province, a score of 21 out of a hundred.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Provincial Government, Mr. Stanley Pirione congratulated Premier Vasuni and his hard working administrators for a job well done.

Pirione also congratulated all provinces for meeting the eight minimum conditions to access PCDF 2018/2019.


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