Accuracy is important, it is not a race: SIEC clarifies slow counting of ballot papers

Accuracy is important, it is not a race: SIEC clarifies slow counting of ballot papers

By Simon Tavake

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has clarified that the slow pace of the counting process is due to the double counting for both the Provincial/Honiara City Council and the National elections.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Jasper Highwood Anisi made the clarification while briefing the media this morning. 

Voters, supporters, and the public at large, particularly within the three Honiara Constituencies, have been left frustrated over the past three days due to the slow pace of counting.

“We anticipate a slower pace of counting because we are doubling our workload. You can observe the slowness in Honiara due to the Joint Election, which is new for us,” CEO Anisi Said.

“However, today we are seeing counting officials starting to pick up the pace, with counting now underway for West Honiara and results for the Council wards also being released.”

“I want to emphasize that counting is not a race. Accuracy is paramount here,” CEO Anisi emphasized.

Acknowledging the need for improvement, Anisi stated that there are a few administrative matters that we need to address based on recommendations from observers.

When asked about the rapid pace of counting experienced in Makira, Mr. Anisi attributed it to the level of experience.

“The Election Manager in Makira is a highly experienced officer who has been in this role for many years. This is why we see such significant progress in Makira and Malaita, thanks to the expertise of our officers down there,” he explained.

Counting is ongoing around the country, with some constituencies currently in their final stages.

Counting has commenced for the West Honiara Constituency, while verification is expected to be completed later today for East and Central Honiara.



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