The Ruavatu school billboard. Photo: Courtesy of

The Ruavatu school billboard. Photo: Courtesy of

The acting Guadalcanal Provincial deputy premier, Rolland Seleso has condemned the recent attack on Ruavatu Secondary School students.

Freelancer George Atkin today reports Mr Seleso says the incident at the school is inhumane and display a lack of respect to students by villagers who supposed to be the good host of the Province’s premier educational institution.

Mr Seleso now urges people from the surrounding communities to cooperate with the police to arrest the intruders.

Meanwhile, Guadalcanal Provincial government has discussed what will happen to the school to rectify the situation as its students will sit their examinations this week.

SIBC News understands the incident was about a sexual assault against one of the female students of the school by attackers from surrounding villages.

A statement today said an emergency meeting was convened yesterday by the Guadalcanal Provincial executive to discuss the situation and the immediate action that the province needs to undertake to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, Guadalcanal Police have arrested five male suspects following the Ruavatu School sexual assault incident over the weekend.

A statement from the Police investigation today confirms this. It adds, the arrest follows a quick Police response which resulted in the arrest and safe return of one of the female victims to her home.

The statement claims the suspects are mostly teenage boys’ aged between 16 to 18 years old.

Police have also remanded two other suspects today for further investigation as they were arrested for arson and escape from lawful custody cases.

Over the weekend more than 15 boys were alleged to have threatened and harassed a large number of girls after forcing their way into the school girl’s dormitory last Saturday night.

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