‘Actions and decisions by our leaders today determine the future’: PM Houenipwela



Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela with the Governor General Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui and Police Commissioner Mathew Varley at the celebrations today.

“Actions and decisions by our leaders today in all works of life will determine the kind of Solomon Islands we will see in 40 years time.”

Prime Minister Rick Nelson Houenipwela echoed this statement in his 40th Independence Anniversary speech this morning.

Held at Lawson Tama stadium, this year’s theme is “Redirecting Our Journey at 40”.

Speaking at today’s celebrations, an emotional Prime Minister Hou said current decisions can either empower or condemn our future generations.

“Our decisions and actions today can either empower or condemn our future generations. As we embark on our journey for the next 40 years I close with another simple question. What legacy do we wish to leave

behind for our future generations, our children and their children? The answer to this question must inform the choices we make, the investments we must decide, the sacrifices we must make to redirect our

The parade at Lawson Tama commemorating the country’s 40th Independence anniversary.

journey into the next 40 years.”

The Prime Minister called on all Solomon Islanders to share a united vision to prosper Solomon Islands.

“To guide us, we must be united with a vision that portrays a strong, secure, peaceful and prosperous Solomon Islands whose people are educated, healthy and manage their resources in a economically,

environmentally and socially sustainable way”, he said. “As a country we must position ourselves to respond effectively we all face and make informed decisions about our future and the future we wish to leave

behind for our children.”

By: Rickson Bau 


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