Independence celebrations brought to NRH Patients

Sunset band performing at the Swing to the Strings event.

Patients at the National Referral Hospital, NRH, have been encouraged to be part of today’s 40th independence anniversary celebrations.

Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, George Palua made the statement this afternoon when welcoming patients and members of the public to today’s Swing to the Strings program.

Hosted and aired live on the National Broadcaster SIBC from the NRH car park, the program aimed to bring entertainment to the sick patients at the hospital.

In his welcome remarks Mr Palua told the patients to own the day and the program.

“To the patients I’d like to say this is your day, this is your event”, he said.

“We want you to become part of the celebration in our country today. I would like to sincerely thank all the string bands who have been able to put your hands forward so that you can make this day for our patients and make it a successful one by agreeing to be part it.

“I hope you’ll be able to come back next year. I wish everyone all the best for the rest of the day’s program.”

SIBC Online is aware some performing bands at today’s event had the opportunity to visit the sick in the hospital wards and sang to them.

By: Rickson Bau


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