The Afio sea front. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Afio sea front. Photo credit: SIBC.

Afio residents on Small Malaita have expressed concerns over noticing unusual tides after last night’s earthquake.

A Richard Hou from Afio told SIBC News people in the area, especially at the Maramasike passage said they have noticed obvious tide changes after the quake last night.

“What they’ve noticed, which is the same in the morning is a rise in sea level and the current going out very quickly which is unusual during normal tidal occasions. They have also noticed a reddish color change of the sea, not appearing to be normal, bringing along rubbish from the mangroves into the Maramasike passage.”

Meanwhile, reports reaching SIBC News from To’ae in West Kwaio said a garden was also destroyed by a landslide the earthquake yesterday.

A David Gosia told SIBC News from West Kwaio today, the food garden was completely destroyed and its owner is now facing food shortages.

SIBC News understands the second quake follows yesterday’s 7.7 magnitude quake, which triggered a tsunami warning.

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