After 12 years sick and in isolation, this man says ‘faith’ healed him


Victor Mamaru. Photo: John Toki

“I was left for dead, people thought I was going to die alone,” Victor Mamaru told SIBC news.

“For twelve years I did not see sunrise and sunset, even my kids.”

Divine and spiritual healing might be a thing some people find hard to believe, but in the Solomon Islands overcoming sickness through faith is part of christian life.

Victor Mamaru of Maneate village, Wainoni in Makira province told SIBC how he was on verge of death before being healed through faith.

“It all started when my toe was infected,” he said. “I was taken to our local clinic, but the nurse was unable to treat it, and they transferred me to the Provincial Hospital in Kirakira.”

Mr Mamaru said the doctors there could not determine what was wrong, so he was transferred to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

He said upon reaching Honiara, it was during the height of the ethnic tensions and the health service during that time was not efficient.

“I went for an X-ray and the doctor told me that my toe was fine, they said the interior was fine and there was no need for an amputation,” he said.

“After a couple of days I began to feel a couple of changes to my body, I was scared of sounds and voices, I lost my sense of taste, my vision was cloudy, and I could sleep.”

Victor Mamaru

He stayed at the hospital for weeks, he did not receive any medicine, nor did he receive an injection, but his condition worsened.

He said he feared that he might die soon so he told the doctor that he wanted to go home and rather than die in Honiara which would give extra burden to his family in transporting his body back home.

The doctors referred him back to Kirakira hospital to be monitored but he wasn’t given any treatment, and later they finally agreed to let him go home.

“I could not walk at that time, they carried me around,” he said. “When I went back to the village, my behavior changed, I started becoming violent, I would even threw stones at my wife and kids, and they were very scared of me.”

He said his family was afraid of him so they decided to build a small hut outside the village for him.

“I was getting worse, I was getting thinner, I could not sleep and eat, I just drank water,” he said.

“I did not sleep with any pillow, mat or have any blanket.”

Mr Mamaru said for 12 years he feared talking to people, and people were afraid of him as well.

He said people were just waiting for him to die.

“It was not until a catholic priest by the name of Father Jacob Aba visited my village, that my brother took him to see me,” he said.

“When he came he said good morning, I could not respond because I had difficulty in talking after 12 years of silence,” he said.

He said the priest offered six prayers for him, gave him Holy Communion, and anointed him with holy oil.

“After that told me the story of Lazarus, and that I was not going to die, that I was only sick.

“He told me that if I had faith I would be healed, so I believed in that, and that is why I think I got healed.”

Victor said after three days his condition began to improve, but it took him three months to fully heal and he went back to his family.

He said when he came back to the village he did not recognise some of the children.

“It felt like I went overseas and just returned to my village,” he said. “I had to ask some of the kids who their parents were, because I was isolated for so long.

Victor said the main thing that made him recover from his condition was faith. He said if people had faith and believed in God, they would feel healed.

“Jesus raised people from the dead, even Lazarus was dead for three days and Jesus raised him from the dead,” he said.

“I have to tell the public my story, because this is a miracle, all you have to do is trust and believe.”

By: Lowen Sei
















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