Anti- Corruption act officially launched


The copy of the two new acts.

The government in collaboration with civil society groups and donor partners today officially launched the much anticipated Anti- Corruption Act 2018 , and the ‘Whistleblowers Protection Act 2018’ in Honiara.

The historical launching also went inline with today’s ‘International Anti-Corruption Day’ celebrations, where hundreds joined a march that was held from Honiara City Council area down to the National Auditorium- venue for the official launching.

Prime Minister Hon Rick Houenipwela had the honour of officially launching the new acts, which were signed and gazetted Friday last week.

Mr Houenipwela said the new Acts was a way forward for the country in the fight against corruption.

He said the government had allocated 6.1 million dollar for the new Acts’ implementation next year, where 3 million was in accordance with their partnership with UNDP, and 3.1 million dollar to commence the rollout of the anti-corruption Act.

“This will go down the history of Solomon islands as the day we demonstrate our coming of age,”he said.

“The day that as a nation, we stand together and declare with one voice, we will fight corruption and ensure it eradication from Solomon Islands.”

By: Lowen Sei.


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